Nonprofit-Corporate Partnership Case Study: The Gift that Keeps on Giving

The Collaborative Companies (TCC) is a real estate company that is reshaping the Boston skyline. With a such a strong community presence, it’s important to TCC that they take steps to give back. A showcase of model apartment units was the perfect opportunity to incorporate a nonprofit beneficiary! Check out this video to see how Big Sister Association of Great Boston and TCC formed the perfect nonprofit-corporate partnership:

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The Benefits of In-Person Fundraising: Create a Connection to Your Cause

Although there has been a surge in online fundraising in the past few years (remember Giving Tuesday!), in-person donation collection remains a necessary piece of your nonprofit’s fundraising plan. I’m not suggesting you ditch online fundraising, but I want to touch on a few reasons why in-person fundraising is a crucial and irreplaceable nonprofit strategy.

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Marketing For Giving Tuesday

Hey it’s November 1st! Send out an email to your supporters announcing your campaign. Remember, there’s a good chance that your supporters are getting bombarded with Giving Tuesday emails, so make sure yours is special.

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