10 Best Online Resources for Nonprofits


From fundraising to marketing, and technology to thought leaders; we've got your nonprofit covered with these 10 online resources: 

1. Nonprofit Technology Network 

Nonprofit Technology Network has created a community of nonprofits who celebrates technology and what it does for the nonprofit sector. NTEN offers educational courses, conferences, as well as online and in-person discussion spaces. 

2. The Storytelling Nonprofit 

The Storytelling Nonprofit provides resources to make you an expert storyteller. The narrative technique generates personal interest from donors and leads to more succesful fundraising. 

3. Nonprofit Finance Fund

Nonprofit Finance Fund finances, consults and partners with thousands of nonprofits to help them succeed financially. NFF also offers valuable webinars on financial management. 

4. Nonprofit Quarterly 

Nonprofit Quarterly is a news organization that will bring you current events on everything from politics to nonprofit development. This online platform will help you stay up-to-date with the civil sector. 

5. Nonprofit AF

Nonprofit AF is a quirky blog from nonprofit expert Vu Le. He writes on a variety of nonprofit-centered topics that will guarantee to make you laugh, and keep you informed, every Monday!

6. Canva for Nonprofits

Canva for Nonprofits helps you create high quality graphics for marketing and social media. They offer their premium version free to registered nonprofits!  

7. John Haydon 

John Haydon is a digital marketing expert for nonprofits. His blog shares helpful information on social media and marketing for charitable organizations.  

8. Questions Pro

QuestionsPro is an online survey tool that is offered FREE for nonprofits! Surveys can help you gain valuable insight about your donor base.  

9. LinkedIn for Nonprofits 

LinkedIn for Nonprofits has all the benefits of LinkedIn, including networking, hiring and professional development, designed specifically for nonprofits! 

10. HuffPost Impact 

Huffpost Impact shares stories on a wide range of issues in the nonprofit sector. The many writers and guest bloggers bring a wide variety of opinions and view-points to the table.  


If you have more questions about nonprofit strategy you can always reach out to the DipJar fundraising experts for help. It's what we love to do!