10 More Blogs for Nonprofit Professionals

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Our post Top 10 Blogs for Nonprofits was a huge hit, so we wanted to bring you more great resources! Check out these blogs on a variety of topics from experts in the sector.

1. Buffer Social Blog

What: Social media tips from a post scheduling and management platform.

Buffer Social Blog has great tips on a variety of social media platforms. The posts dive into successful social media campaigns to share best practices that you can apply to your organization’s platforms!

2. Nonprofit Tech for Good

What: A leading technology resource for nonprofit professionals.

Nonprofit Tech for Good is a blog that makes learning about technology a bit less intimidating! The posts range from surface level, to more in depth, and are written specifically for nonprofit organizations.

3. Blue Avocado

What: An online magazine with content provided by a range of practitioners, funders and leaders.

Blue Avocado believes nonprofit advice should come from the staff and leaders in the sector, not a group of “experts.” These articles avoid nonprofit jargon in order to keep the pieces direct and to the point.

4. M+R

What: A team of activists that uses online marketing, PR, and social media to raise money and spread awareness for nonprofits.

M+R has a wide range of posts so there’s something for everyone. You can browse everything including social media marketing tips, opinion pieces, current events, marketing case studies, and much more!

5. NPEngage

What: A premiere resource for trends and best practices across the social good ecosystem.

npEngage covers everything from tech to management! Experts in the sector continuously contribute content giving the blog a wide range of expert opinions.

6. Whole Whale

What: A social impact focused digital agency.

Whole Whale offers great tips on marketing and social media. In particular, there are a lot of useful posts on analytics and metrics, something difficult to find on other nonprofit blogs!

7. Guidestar Blog

What: GuideStar gathers, organizes, and distributes information about US nonprofits.

GuideStar hosts all the information about every US nonprofit, therefore the GuideStar Blog definitely hosts a wealth of sector knowledge as well! Thought leaders frequently contribute to the content providing the most accurate, and up to date nonprofit information.

8. John Haydon

What: A digital marketing expert for nonprofits and charities.

John Haydon’s blog is the go-to resource for nonprofit digital marketing. His blog not only contains his own expert tips, but also guest posts from other leaders in the sector.

9. HuffPost Impact

What: The nonprofit and social good section of HuffPost.

HuffPost Impact is the place to read up on current events in the sector!


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