15 Creative Spring Fundraisers

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We know it’s still cold, but it’s never too early to start planning for (or daydreaming about!) Spring-time fundraising! Here are a few low-effort ideas to help you get started:

1. Spring Break Youth Fundraiser

Spring break means the kids in your community are free to get involved with local nonprofits! Create volunteer opportunities designed to fit high school requirements to get these young people involved with your organization. Check out some youth group fundraising ideas here!

2. Mother’s Day Fundraiser

Get the community together on May 12th to show some mother’s day appreciation! Sell tickets to a brunch or luncheon for some low-effort fundraising. This is a great opportunity to incorporate a raffle!

3. March Madness for Charity

This year your community can fill out march madness brackets for a cause. Instead of the whole entry fee going into the pot, half can go to your nonprofit!

4. Walk or 5K

A walk or 5k are tried and true Spring fundraisers. Add a twist by making this year’s a color run! Here are some tips to help you get started.

5. Easter Egg Hunt

An easter egg hunt is classic Spring-time tradition. Set up in a local park and charge parents entry for their kids to participate in the event. Incorporate other fundraising opportunities by selling snacks and merchandise.

6. Soccer or Kickball Tournament

A soccer or kickball tournament is an easy-to-plan Spring-time event. Charge a fee for teams to participate and create a tournament bracket. Solicit donations from local restaurants to gift to the winners!

7. Yard Sale

Turn Spring cleaning into a fundraising opportunity and host a yard sale for charity! Community members can each donate a few items they’d like to part with, and all the proceeds will go to your nonprofit.

8. Spring Craft Sale

Craft sales are an easy fundraising idea that gets the kids in your community involved. The kids can do a Spring-themed craft, like painting bird houses, and your nonprofit can sell them at the next local farmers market or craft fair.

9. Community BBQ

A BBQ is a low-effort fundraiser that can be easily tailored to fit your particular demographic! Sell entrance tickets that will give donors access to food, drinks and yard games.

10. Golf Tournament

Partner up with a local golf course and hold a tournament for charity! You can charge participants for mulligans (do-overs) for an easy fundraising component.

11. Park or Beach CleanUp

Spring is the time when outdoor community spaces need a little TLC! Get some volunteers together to spend a few hours picking up trash at the local park or beach. Any volunteer event is a great time to ask for spontaneous donations!

12. Outdoor Concert

Outdoor concerts at a park make a great Spring-time fundraiser! Find local up-and-coming bands who will be willing to play for free to get their music out there. Charge community members an entrance fee that will go to benefiting your nonprofit.

13. Young Professionals Bar Crawl

Partner up with local bars and restaurants and sell tickets to your nonprofit’s young professionals bar crawl. Give the event a Spring-time theme, like St. Patricks Day!

14. Carnival

A carnival is a classic Spring-time fundraiser! Save on set-up fees by tasking volunteers with setting up and running the booths. Raise more money by charging attendees per booth or ride!

15. Merchandise Sales

Merchandise sales are easy to incorporate into a Spring-time event. Use a seamless point of sale device to quickly sell items like branded hats or water bottles that can be utilized at the events.


If you have more questions about nonprofit strategy you can always reach out to the DipJar fundraising experts for help. It's what we love to do!