15 Creative Winter Fundraisers


The weather is getting colder and it’s time to start planning some winter fundraisers! Here are some easy, low effort fundraisers that will help you bring the community together as well as take in some extra donations.

1. Gift Wrapping

Bring your donors together to wrap gifts for the community you serve. Have each person bring an appropriate donation (clothing, toys, etc.) and supply the gift wrapping materials. This is a low effort way to bring your donor base together as well as quickly accumulate donations.

2. Snowman building competition

Talk to your city or town about using a local park for a snowman building competition! A $10 donations will allow your supporters to participate.

3. Happy Hour

What better way to warm up in the winter than with a drink! Host a young professionals happy hour with a holiday dress up theme. Check out this video to get some inspiration.

4. Holiday Concert

Reach out to local singers and bands and host a holiday benefit concert. Charge attendees an admission fee and include opportunities for in-person giving. Your ED or board member can take the opportunity to get on stage and speak about your nonprofit’s work.

5. Costume Contest

Costume contests aren’t just for Halloween! Host a casual event at a bar or restaurant and encourage attendees to dress up in their most creative holiday-themed outfit. A donation will allow them to participate in the competition.

6. Photos with Santa

Photos with Santa are a winter-time classic! Put a fun new spin on this tradition by having your staff and board members dress up as Santa and his elves.

7. Walk or 5K

A walk in the winter? A walk or 5k is great option no matter the season! Make sure participants bundle up and dress in a holiday themed outfit.

8. Bake Off

Your supporters can bring in their best christmas cookie and holiday desserts to participate in some friendly competition! A donation is required for a supporter to enter.

9. Super Bowl Party

The winter isn’t just about the holidays! Plan a Super Bowl watch party to get your supporters together in February.

10. Gift Assembly Party

Solicit some in kind donations for items for a small holiday themed gift bag. Get your supporters together to assemble the bags and spend time together as a community.

11. Letters from Santa

Create an opportunity for the kids in your community to receive a letter back from Santa! Their parents will make a donation to your nonprofit in exchange for a letter from Santa (written by your team, board members, etc!)

12. Holiday Themed Social Media Contest

Social media contests are a great way to keep your nonprofit top of mind, as well as ramp up sales of event tickets. Your supporters will post a holiday themed picture at one of your winter events, tag your organization, and be in the running to receive a discounted pair of tickets to your Spring gala!

13. Sell Holiday Cards

Set up a kiosk at your local mall and sell holiday cards. These can either be handmade by the population you serve, or branded with your nonprofit’s logo. Get some inspiration here.

14. Set up a Booth at your local holiday fair

Many towns have seasonal fairs. Rent out a booth and use this as an opportunity to educate the community about your nonprofit’s work. Give away hot chocolate or christmas cookies, and always remember to be prepared to accept donations!

15. Get a DipJar!

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If you have more questions about nonprofit strategy you can always reach out to the DipJar fundraising experts for help. It's what we love to do!