2019 Grants Your Nonprofit Should Definitely Apply For

We work with nonprofits big and small… young and old… extremely established organizations, and organizations that are still working on that 501c3 status. Below are some great grant opportunities coming up in 2019 that are definitely worth applying for. If you want to learn more about how to write a grant, take a look here: 6 Grant Writing Tips for Nonprofits.

  1. Google Ad Grants: $10,000/month in Google Ad Credit with Hans and Company

    Hans & Company is a digital nonprofit consulting group who DipJar partners with that helps nonprofits apply and execute an Advertising Grant of $10,000/month with Google Ad Words. For a small fee, they’ll help you apply and obtain this grant, and then work with you to manage the ad words to make sure your ads are running to the best of their ability. Hans & Company has experience working with Fortune 500 companies, and also a good amount of nonprofits across the country! They also offer an Organizational Audit, and help with obtaining GuideStar Nonprofit Certification.

    This would be a great opportunity if your organization doesn’t have a full time marketing nerd on staff, but is still looking to make a huge impact. Use Google Ad Words to get your organization in front of more faces and expand your outreach allowing you to spread awareness faster and more efficiently than ever before. This would be a good fit for small nonprofits, large nonprofits, and organizations everywhere between.

  2. Small, Teeeeeny Tiny Nonprofits! You Can Apply for Grants Too!

    There’s a lot of companies out there that have a large amount of smaller grants available that they give to great organizations that might not be as established in their community yet. Walmart, for example, gives away grants from $50 to $5000 if you meet their loose list of requirements. In other words, if you are a 501c3 and make a positive change in your community, you most likely are eligible!

    Here’s a couple more that are great for the smallest nonprofits to consider:

    Subaru matches all employees donations up to $2,000 and offers grants to orgs across the US

    For those in the Northeast: Hannaford offers a ton of grants for all types of org’s including a PTO organization in Scarborough

    Target gave away $217M in Grants in 2017, and I’m sure they’re giving even more this year

  3. CNE Grant Resources

    While we love helping out nonprofits find grants, we don’t write about it every week :). Check out CNE’s grant resources! They post 3 grants PER WEEK that you can apply to. Most of the applications have a rolling deadline with plenty of time to prepare. There’s a ton of grants for all different kinds of Nonprofits, so go check it out for yourself, and let us know if you’d like to talk about any of them you like.

    BONUS RESOURCE: Grantspace

    Use Grantspace as a resource to put together a grant proposal, or learn if you need to transition from your nonprofit’s current mission to another. This link and others on Grantspace have some cool resources on how to identify the needs of your community and gaps in your services. Do you feel like there are 2-3 other nonprofits just like yours in your community? Or maybe there isn’t as much traction around the cause as there used to be? Grantspace gives you all the data you need to justify changing your mission statement, and exploring different communities to impact in your city or town.

    If you have more questions about nonprofit strategy you can always reach out to the DipJar fundraising experts for help. It's what we love to do!

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