3 Examples of Incentive Fundraising That Guarantee More Donations

Incentive Fundraising is the perfect way to spice up your next fundraising event. What better way to draw people in than to give something in return? As much as people love selflessly giving they will be more inclined to donate if there is something they will receive after giving. We spoke with a number of organizations who utilize this fundrasing style and here they are!

1. Give to Get

The Chambliss Center for Children in Chattanooga, who provides Foster Care and Child Care Assistance, took advantage of incentive fundraising at their Mardi Gras Gala. The Center’s 4-year-old children decorated crowns that were put on display and sold for $50. Beside each crown was a photo of the child who made it.

The faces of these adorable children made it hard to resist donating $50 especially when you got a fantastic crown as well. This was a huge success for Chambliss because they were able to quickly sell all 12 crowns andget an extra $50 donation from someone who just loved the fun idea!

2. Meet a Celebrity

United Way of King County in Seattle motivated their donors by advertising that every person who dipped on the DipJars would have a chance to be invited to a private meet and greet with Macklemore at an upcoming event.

This piqued the interest of many millennial attendees at their fundraiser who dipped multiple times just for the chance to win.  

3. Enter to Win

Doorways for Women and Families in Arlington, VA used their Dipjars for selling raffle tickets and made sure they had awesome prizes, too! They included a signed hockey stick by a Washington Capitals hockey player, a spa package, gift certificates to various local restaurants, and more.

Everything was generously donated by local people and vendors. Doorways' DipJar was set to $25; one dip bought you 5 raffle tickets. Their incentives proved to be a huge success and they ended up raising over $1,400!


Try adding some type of incentive to your next fundraising event; the promise of reward is high! 

If you've had a great success with incentive fundraising email me at: maia.sutton@dipjar.com