3 One Day Fundraisers that Raised over $2,000 with DipJar

1. Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma

DipJar Donations: $18,828

Event: In support of the Food for Kids Foundation they had Chefs’ Feast: an evening of food and fun. During the program guests could dip for raffle tickets using one of their five DipJars! Big bold cards indicated the donation amount with two volunteers making it clear and easy to understand how to donate. A $25, $50, or $90 dip got you raffle tickets for an assortment of prizes. 

2. United Way of Central Massachusetts

Donations: $53,000

Event: The United Way of Central Massachusetts teamed up with the Red Cross to raise funds to aid the relief of Hurricane Harvey and Irma. At first they had three DipJars set to $10, $25, and $50. After 30 minutes, they changed their $10 DipJar to $100, which ended up being extremely successful! They saw many double AND triple dips throughout the day.

3. Catholic Charities Spokane

DipJar Donations: $5,750

Event: Catholic Charities Gala held a gala in support of serving the poor and vulnerable in eastern Washington. With the help of their DipJar they were able to efficiently sell Swag Bags for $100. Having their DipJar set at $50 it just took two quick dips from each person and they could enjoy the event with their Swag Bag.

It's wonderful seeing all of the success people have with their DipJars! We love hearing all the creative and effective applications they use DipJar to collect donations for their organizations. From selling raffle tickets to Mulligans the possibilities are endless!