4 Ways to Keep Galleries and their Pockets Full

Keeping people involved and interested in the arts is a challenging task, which is in why this week's issue we are highlighting FOUR different Art Galleries and Centers on how they interact with their local communities. Find out what events and fundraiser they have to keep their galleries and pockets full.

1. Big Hair Ball - Des Moines Art Center

Biennially, Des Moines Arts Center holds a night of luxurious fashion and entertainment to support their organization. Partnering with local barbers, salons, and stylists they put on a live runway show displaying fantastic hair creations.

Before the runway show guests enjoys custom cocktails with the evening ending in a DJ dance party. General tickets are $100, VIP tickets $125 and admission is free for members. It's a great fundraiser and way for Des Moines Art Center to say thank you to their 3,000 members.

2. Interactive Art Exhibitions- Arts and Culture Center

Giving their community the ultimate experience the Arts and Culture Center engages in more than just your sense of sight with their newest exhibition showcasing three different artists, Charley Friedman, David Rohn and Lisa Rockford.  Admission for the opening event was free for members $7 for non-members, $4 for students, and $3 for seniors.

  • Touch - Feel the wind generated by fifty spinning beach balls
  • Hearing - Listen to the slow drips of water from the elevated sponge display
  • Taste - Try delectable hors d'oeuvres served from one of the showcased artists

3. Partner Up! - The Felt Estate

Working with other organizations is a great way to stay involved and get extra help. The Felt Estate partnered up with Michigan Cares for Tourism who brought over 200 volunteers for a day of work. Volunteers helped renovate the pump house, and paint the chapel, carriage house, and barn. Afterwards volunteers got to explore and learn about the estate.

4. ARTinis - Meridian Museum Of Art.

Every year Meridian Arts raises $6,000 at their ARTinis fundraiser where they serve martinis and auction off art. For just $35 guests enjoy fruity cocktails, watch live paintings, and after bid on the art that was just created! This annual event is a great space for guests meet and support the local artists in their community.

To learn more about each of these organizations you can visit them here: 

Des Moines Art Center: http://www.desmoinesartcenter.org/

Arts and Culture Center: http://artandculturecenter.org/

The Felt Estate: http://www.feltmansion.org/

Meridian Museum of Art: http://www.meridianmuseum.org/