5 Fundraising Tips for All Nonprofits

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As the weather is getting warmer, many nonprofits are ramping up for the Spring fundraising season. Here are some tips that all nonprofits, big and small, can apply to their fundraising plan!

1. Always Ensure Donors Have the Opportunity to Give

There are definitely events that are more heavily focused on spreading awareness, or networking, but this does not mean that the possibility of donation collection should be totally off the table! Any time you are in front of potential donors the opportunity to make a monetary donation should be available. You can use a “soft ask,” or a more passive approach so fundraising isn’t the main focus. Check out this case study for a great example!

2. Have Several Methods for Donation Collection

You want to be sure that a donor never misses out on the opportunity to give, especially due to the fact that you don’t accept their form of payment! This rule applies to both online, and in-person donations. On your nonprofit’s website make sure you accept credit, debit, PayPal, and include an address to mail checks! On-site be sure to have both a cash, and credit card donation jar. A multitude of options will make your donors feel like they’re being accommodated, and your nonprofit will increase your total intake!

3. Make Donating Fun!

Donating to a nonprofit should never feel the same as checking out at a department store! The process should enhance the donor’s experience with your nonprofit, and feel like a piece of entertainment at the event. It is quite simple to “gamify” any fundraiser your nonprofit holds. Whether it’s as simple as a raffle, or a more complex fundraising game, gamification entices participation from event-goers who may not have originally planned to give.

4. Make the Donation Process as Quick and Easy as Possible

Your main goal is to make the donation process friction-free! The easier it is for the donor, the more likely they will be to give. There should never be a line or crowd around a donation station. Event-goers should always be able to give quickly and seamlessly, and continue on enjoying the event! This can be achieved by keeping the flow of the room or space in mind, and choosing the right donation kiosk.

5. Use Strategic signage

Signage is key in enticing your donors to give! It is important to always incorporate your nonprofit’s logo and color scheme so donors feel a sense of connection to your cause. A suggested dollar amount associated with a specific campaign is a great way to demonstrate the impact that the donor is making. Click through the examples below to check out some strategic signage from DipJar customers!


If you have more questions about nonprofit strategy you can always reach out to the DipJar fundraising experts for help. It's what we love to do!