5 Tips to Make your Nonprofit's Website More Effective

Sleek, simple, enticing, and informative. Four adjectives your nonprofit website should immediately present to browsers. You want it to be well-organized and on-trend at the same time. Your website should make visitors want to donate before they even read about your organization. Recently, convincing donors to give to your nonprofit has revolved around your website appeal.

1. Clear Communication of Your Goal

You cannot assume your viewers are familiar with the goal of your nonprofit. Stating your goal clearly and concisely on the home page, with a link to learn more about your organization, is important in sparking donor interest. The “Learn More” page should include who you help, the problem you’re working to solve, and why viewers should get involved.

We also recommend including your concise goal on many pages of your site to ensure it is never difficult for a potential donor to find. People stumble upon your website through social media, emails, link referrals, and various other sources, it’s important for them to know what you do and why you do it.

2. Compatible Design 

You want to ensure that your website design fits the screen of all browsers whether they be on a tablet, computer, or smartphone. Today, having a mobile compatible design is vital to increasing your donations and engaging all viewers of your website.

3. Accessible Social Media 

Social media is the most relevant method of communication today. It is important that your nonprofit not only has social media pages, but also links to them on the website and in email signatures. You want to demonstrate a clear representation of what your organization is passionate about on all forms of social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat etc.). Lastly, allow visitors the option to "share" your posts so they can share what impacts them while simultaneously boosting your nonprofit's publicity.

4. Make it Easy to Donate 

A vital characteristic of a successful nonprofit website is a clear and easy donation page. This page needs to be minimal. Start with enticing and aesthetically pleasing donation buttons on every page of your website. This makes it painless to find where to donate no matter where your viewers wander. Make the donor feel confident in donating by including infographics detailing what different donation amounts could achieve. We also recommend offering the option for monthly donations.



5. Transparency 

Lastly, you want visitors to trust your organization. This can be accomplished with a two-part approach:

Financial Transparency: Make donors feel comfortable donating by informing them on where their money is going. Be transparent and accurately summarize your organization’s financial records. Including annual reports is key to true transparency but to make your financials clearer for donors, include infographics that show which donations have what impact. Make ends meet for your donors and show them what difference their donation can make.

Friendly Staff Pages: Allow the visitors on your site to get to know your staff members. Include blurbs about your staff members’ career histories, values, and their ties to the organization. This allows readers to connect with those who are passionate enough to dedicate their time to your cause.

These key tips are a few solid necessities for your nonprofit website. Use your website to its greatest potential and collect as many donations as possible with a clean, simple, and informative vessel for transactions.