5 Ways to Make Asking for Donations Less Awkward

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Let's face it, asking for donations does not always go as smoothly as planned. You know why your nonprofit is worth contributing to, but it can sometimes be difficult to articulate to a supporter. We're here to help you make the awkward question a little less awkward! Here are 5 tips to perfect your donation ask: 

1. Give them a number 

The key is to make the donation ask friction free! The question "would you like to make a donation?" contains a lot of unknowns that may make the donor hesitate and decline. A better option is "would you like to make a $25 credit card donation?" This answers the how and how much, making the decision much quicker and easier for the donor. If you think one donation option is limiting, we'd recommend giving the donor three choices to allow them to a pick a number in their comfort zone. 

2. Don't say too much! 

This can be a tough one. As a devoted member of your nonprofit, it's easy for you to fill the silence with stories about your devotion to the cause. A better strategy is to let the donor do the talking. People often feel most comfortable when asked questions about themselves. Ask the potential donor what brought them to the event and why they feel a connection to the cause. With time, the donor will likely convince themselves that they want to contribute! 

3. Know Your Donors Inside and Out 

One of the most awkward parts of a donation ask can be the feeling that you are asking for money from a complete stranger. Make sure your supporters feel like a part of your nonprofit's family! Ask their opinion, hold events they enjoy and always keep them in the loop. If a supporter feels valued and appreciated, it will be much more natural for them to make a donation. 

4. Don't Make it Feel like a Donation! 

One way to make asking for a donation less awkward is to not even ask for a donation! There are many ways to encourage financial contribution that don't involve a traditional donation ask. Simple options include a merchandise sale, raffle or silent auction. Check out a couple DipJar examples herehere and here for something a bit more creative and fun! 

5. Be Transparent 

A donor may feel hesitant to give if they aren't sure where their money is going. Being as transparent as possible will help make the interaction go more smoothly. Make it clear which initiative or fund the donations are going to, so the donor can more clearly picture the impact they are making.


If you have more questions about nonprofit strategy you can always reach out to the DipJar fundraising experts for help. It's what we love to do!