5 Ways to Make Your Donors Feel Special


Your donors are the driving force that allows your nonprofit to carry out the great work you do. It is important that you are conveying your appreciation and gratitude in a meaningful way. Here are 5 ways to make your donors feel special!

Don’t forget about the small gifts

You may be inclined to focus more heavily on the larger donations you receive. However, smaller donations can add up to a significant portion of your fundraising. Make sure to show your appreciation no matter the size. Small donations can potentially lead to larger gifts!

Cater to Each Sub-set of Donors Individually

It may be easier to hold “one size fits all” events. However, you likely have a wide range of donors who will appreciate different things. It is more effective to hold smaller, tailored events to properly thank each demographic. For example, a young professionals event will suit one audience, while a more traditional luncheon will be more appropriate for another.

Make the Giving Process as Smooth as Possible

Donations are obviously a huge part of the nonprofit-donor relationship, but the transaction shouldn’t be the main focus. Make the giving process as smooth and friction free as possible. Include giving opportunities in the games and activities you have planned to keep the focus on creating a great experience for the donors.

Don’t Stress Over Thank Yous

It is definitely important to show appreciation for your donors. However, we live in a time where our personal contact information is being solicited nonstop. Give your donors a break from the emails and letters and say a genuine, in-person thank you at the event itself.

put your donors in the spotlight

People are donating to your nonprofit organization because they feel some sort of connection to the cause. It is important that the community you serve knows about the people who are funding the work you do. Hold events where your donors can interact with the people you serve. These opportunities make your donors feel valued and a part of your organization.


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