6 Tips for Hiring Talent for Your Nonprofit

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Hiring new talent for your nonprofit can be exciting, and nerve-racking! This is a process that your team needs to devote significant time and attention to. Here are 6 tips and suggestions to make sure this process runs smoothly:

1. Make a Plan and Stick to It

You could search forever and still never find the “perfect” candidate. It is important that you set certain limits and stick to them in order to avoid a never-ending search! There are a couple key parameters to keep in mind:

  1. Time: How much time do you have to fill the position? Set a date that you need to make the hire by. The search will be never-ending if you don’t set a strict timeline.

  2. Budget: Carefully consider the salary range you need to stick to. Advertise the range on the job posting if you can, so both parties will be on the same page.

2. A Connection to Your Mission Isn’t Everything

It is obviously important that a candidate is entering the nonprofit sector with a desire to be there. A strong passion and connection to your cause is another key factor. However, an appreciation and understanding of your mission can be learned, a strong work ethic cannot. Find the candidate who will succeed at the job.

3. Differentiate Between Wants and Needs

There are several hard and soft skills that you will list on the job posting. Decide with your hiring team which are “needs” and which are “wants.” If every qualification is a requirement, you’ll be searching forever. Is it necessary that the new candidate is proficient in Adobe Illustrator, or can they be trained once they’re on the job?

4. Be Aggressive in the Search

Posting a job and hoping the best candidates roll in is not enough. This is the time to really leverage your network. Get your board members involved in the search as well. Consider attending some local nonprofit networking event to cast your net even further. Social media is another powerful tool. Connect with and reach out to some suitable candidates on LinkedIn. Significant outreach will ensure the perfect candidate didn’t fall through the cracks!

5. Put some thought into your Interview Questions

Interview questions in the corporate and nonprofit sectors don’t actually differ too much. Decide on some key questions before you begin the interview process to make sure all the candidates have a few standards to be compared by. A key factor of the nonprofit sector is that it is a lifestyle job. Include some questions that touch on your company culture and how invested the candidate is willing to be.

6. Put Together A Dedicated “Interviewing Team”

It is beneficial to have each candidate chat with several people at your organization. This will give them a better feel of your team, and allow your organization to gain a more well-rounded view of the candidate. The hiring process is definitely a time commitment, so make sure there is a core group that is dedicated to the job. This will also ensure that the decision makers have equal time with each potential hire.


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