6 Ways to Incentivize an Event-Goer to Make a Donation On-Site

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Many nonprofits make the mistake of not providing opportunities for event attendees to continue contributing on-site. It is often thought that anything beyond an event ticket is too much to ask of a supporter. In realty, the opposite is true! If a person has made the choice to attend an event, they will likely be very willing to make additional contributions to the cause they feel so strongly about. Here are 6 ways to incentive an event-goer to make an additional donation on-site: 

1. Offer something in exchange for a donation 

People love to feel like they got something for free! A super easy and low effort option is to simply gift a donor an item after they make a donation. Make sure this item is branded! Some low cost examples include: 

  • rubber bracelet

  • card caddy

  • pop socket

  • koozie

  • pin

  • magnet

  • drawstring bag

The possibilities are endless! Just be sure the item is on brand and appropriate for the specific event you are hosting. For example, a branded koozie fits in well at an outdoor BBQ, but maybe not a seated dinner. 

2. turn donating into a game 

Every event needs good entertainment! Include some games and experiences that require a donation in order for an attendee to participate. This can range from a standard raffle to a karaoke contest that requires a donation to enter. Our favorite tool to facilitate these games is DipJar, of course! Check out a few fun examples here and here

3. offer a special perk 

The "free stuff" a donor receives after making a contribution doesn't have to be a physical item! Think outside the box for more abstract perks. One great example is letting on-site donors skip the coat check line at the end of the night! 

4. give them something to look forward to after the event 

A donor doesn't always need instant gratification to be compelled to make a donation. Offer donation incentives that will benefit your organization in the future! Some ides include:

  • a discount or free ticket to the next event

  • access to exclusive online content

  • a chance to meet recipients of your nonprofit's work

  • early access to sign-up for volunteer opportunities

5. give donors credit 

People love to be recognized for the support they are giving to a cause! Find a way to recognize on-site donors in an appropriate way based on the feel of the event. This can look like anything including a leaderboard with live updates, different colored pins based on donation tiers, or even a shout-out over the microphone! 

6. have inclusive donation options

Another thing that can inhibit donors is the feeling that they don't have a donation option that meets their needs. Make sure to always accept cash, check, credit card, etc. However, still try to cut down on friction at the same. Clinton of Daraja Children's Choir always includes three different donation tiers. This keeps the process simple while still providing the feeling of flexibility and choice for the donor. 


If you have more questions about nonprofit strategy you can always reach out to the DipJar fundraising experts for help. It's what we love to do!