7 Quick and Easy Fundraising Ideas for Nonprofits

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Between galas and major fundraising campaigns, there are still valuable opportunities to get donations for your nonprofit. These low-effort fundraising ideas are easy to implement when you are experiencing a lull in donations! Check out these 7 tips and see what works for your nonprofit:

1. Partner with a local restaurant

Many restaurants in your community would love to have the opportunity to support local nonprofits. Make this as easy possible for them! Suggest a day or night where a small percentage of the proceeds will go to your nonprofit. The restaurant will love the extra business you’ll bring in, as well as an opportunity for some social good!

2. Host a walk, run…or crawl?

Put on some low-effort events that your community will enjoy attending, that don’t feel like a typical stuffy nonprofit event! There can never be too many walks and runs, and an inexpensive entry fee won’t break the bank for your supporters (check out our guide to planning a 5K!) A different way to get the community moving is to host a pub crawl for charity. These events lend themselves to holiday themes, as well as get some local businesses involved in the fundraising!

3. Utilize Your Current Donors

Your current, committed donors are the easiest way to meet your smaller fundraising goals. Just $5 from each of your most loyal supporters will add up to a significant fundraising total. Ask them to increase their recurring donation by a couple bucks for that month, or just ask for a small one-time contribution!

4. Have Your Supporters Refer A New Donor

Create a referral program for your donors! For example, one of your supporters will receive a free t-shirt for every 3 new donors they refer. A piece of merchandise is low-cost for your nonprofit, and these 3 new donors could potentially turn into big supporters. This is a campaign that can easily be promoted on social media and email marketing to make it low-effort for your nonprofit.

5. Make an Ask for Non-Monetary Donations

Your supporters will likely by tired of reaching into their wallets after attending so many galas and major events. This is a great time to ask your supporters for something a bit different! Make an ask for used clothing, canned food, volunteer time, or whatever suits your nonprofit. Millennials are the generation most likely to donate their goods and time so take advantage of this!

6. Pre-sell Future Event Tickets

Pre-sell tickets to future events to kick-start your fundraising a bit early. You can offer these tickets at a discounted price to reach new audiences!

7. Get a DipJar!

The quickest and easiest donation collection device will definitely help you with some quick and easy fundraising! Put your DipJar in a local business to get donations in between major events. The branded unit will get more eyes on your logo which will keep your nonprofit top of mind for community members. We recommend setting your DipJar between $5 and $10 for this use case.


If you have more questions about nonprofit strategy you can always reach out to the DipJar fundraising experts for help. It's what we love to do!