7 Social Media Tips for Giving Tuesday

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Giving Tuesday is less than two weeks away! We know you’ve spent time preparing, but we wanted to offer a few last minute ideas. Here are 7 social media tips for Giving Tuesday:

Also, check out some more Giving Tuesday tips here and here. Click below to officially register if you haven’t yet!

1. Use The Hashtag

This one is obvious, but it can be easy to forget! Use #GivingTuesday on everything you post, on every platform. It not only let’s your supporters know you’re in on the fundraising, but it also populates all your posts under the hashtag which will allow you to be discovered by other potential donors.

2. Comment on Your Supporter’s Posts

This is a day to be interactive on social media. Look through your tagged photos and posts, and give out comments. This is a quick and easy way to thank your donors for being involved!

3. Post About Your Team Getting Involved

This is also a great day to show off your nonprofit’s organizational culture! Post pictures and videos of your staff and board members making donations and interacting with your supporters. Encourage your team to post on their personal pages as well!

4. Do Some Graphic Design Work

Create some branded images that incorporate the Giving Tuesday logo as well as your nonprofit’s brand. These images make the campaign clear to the donor as well as offer an opportunity for easy social sharing. Here are some tools to help:

Free options include CanvaEasel.ly and infogram.

If you're willing to spend a little try fivver or visually.

5. Update Your Bios

Update all your social media bios with a description of how your nonprofit is participating in Giving Tuesday. Also include links to your online donation page. Your bio is the first thing a person sees when they get to your social media profile, it’s important to be updating this to reflect current events and campaigns.

6. Use Social Posts to Advertise In-Person Giving Opportunities

Although Giving Tuesday is primarily an online event, it is still important to have in-person giving opportunities throughout your community as well. Place DipJars in local businesses to get everybody involved! Post pictures and videos to alert your supporters of these opportunities to give.

7. Post videos!

Videos are the most engaging type of content on social media; try to incorporate them into your Giving Tuesday posts! Your donors will have several options for where to donate on November 27th, so make sure your posts are really catching their attention!


If you have more questions about nonprofit strategy you can always reach out to the DipJar fundraising experts for help. It's what we love to do!