8 Podcasts Every Nonprofit Professional Needs to Listen To


We know you’re busy as a nonprofit professional! Podcasts are a great way to gain industry knowledge while you’re on the go. Download a few of these to listen to on your commute, at the gym or whenever you want to gain knowledge about nonprofit current events and trends!

1. The Classy Podcast

The Classy Podcast spotlights a different nonprofit leader, founder or executive in every episode. The stories of how they started will give you inspiration, and insight into your own nonprofit.

2. Nonprofits Are Messy

This podcast allows nonprofit expert Joan Garry to dive deeper into the topics she covers on her blog. This is a must-listen for any nonprofit professional in a leadership position. If there is something in particular you’d like to hear about, fill out this form and Joan will take your suggestions into consideration!

3. Hubcast

Hubcast, a podcast by Nonprofit Hub, covers a wide range of topics in the nonprofit world. They will break down data, interview thought leaders and discuss management strategies in each 30 minute episode.

4. Nonprofit Jenni Show

Jenni Hargrove is a charitable marketing coach who interviews nonprofit professionals from a wide range of cause areas. She has a fun segment where she answers anonymous questions from nonprofit professionals on controversial topics in the sector!

5. Social Media Examiner

Social media will always be a huge piece of your nonprofit’s marketing and fundraising campaigns. This Social Media Examiner is not geared specifically to nonprofits, but it still contains valuable information and insight you can apply to your organization.

6. The Fundraising Authority Podcast

This Podcast by The Fundraising Authority is designed with the purpose of helping your nonprofit raise more money! The episodes contain interviews with industry leaders, and each one is “action-oriented” meaning you’ll have strategies you can easily work into your current fundraising plan.

7. Cause Talk Radio

These 30 minute episodes make this podcast easy to fit into your busy schedule! Megan Strand of Engage for Good and Joe Waters of SelfishGiving.com interview industry experts on social good initiatives. Check this out to learn more about corporate partnerships.

8. Nonprofit Ally Podcast

This is another great podcast that focuses on a wide range of topics in the nonprofit field. Nonprofit Ally interviews nonprofit development experts to give you tips you can apply to your nonprofit’s fundraising.


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