8 Tips to Make Your Infographics More Effective


Infographics are an easy way to effectively communicate large data points or complicated concepts. Eye-catching and shareable content ensures that information about your nonprofit is shared to a large number of potential donors. Check out these 8 design tips that will make your nonprofit's infographics more effective:

1. Title and labels

Infographics are often created to convey numbers and percentages. It is extremely important to label each data point clearly and concisely. The infographic below has a title, subtitle, labels and arrows that help clarify the graph. 

2. Size 

It is important to be mindful of the size of your infographic so it's readable on whatever platform you are posting it on. This blog recommends a width of 800 pixels. There are helpful sites that provide infographic templates that best suit specific social media platforms. 

Free options include CanvaEasel.ly and infogram.

If you're willing to spend a little try fivver or visually.

3. Stay on Brand

You want to make sure your infographic mimics the look and feel of your nonprofit.

Color: Bring elements of your logo and color scheme into your infographic so there is a clear association with your nonprofit.

Voice: Make sure your infographic matches the personality of your nonprofit. If your nonprofit is fun and energetic, your infographic should be as well! 

4. flow 

For longer and more complicated infographics, it can sometimes be confusing where to look first. Make sure there is clear starting point and logical flow. This can be achieved with lines, a numbered list or arrows

5. Share-ability 

Your main goal is for your infographic to be shared with a large number of potential donors. Make sure there is enough information about who you are, and how to give, so your infographic can stand alone. Share it on your social media accounts so your supporters have the opportunity to re-share. Consider holding a contest to encourage likes and shares on social media! 

6. Pair it with a blog post 

Although you want your infographic to be able to stand alone, it can also be helpful to pair it with more information. Include your infographic in (and link it back to) a blog post with more detailed information about the topic. 

7. Design for your Audience 

Make sure you are always communicating directly to your nonprofit's main audience. Your design tactics will likely change based on your audience's age, gender and demographic. Also, consider whether your infographic will be read online or in print. 

8. Make it Simple

The goal of an infographic is to make it easier to absorb information, not more difficult! Stick to one topic per infographics to make sure it's simple and easy to understand. 

Check out this blog post on infographics for nonprofits to get even more helpful info!


If you have more questions about nonprofit strategy you can always reach out to the DipJar fundraising experts for help. It's what we love to do!