8 Youth Group Fundraising Ideas to Help You Raise More Money

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Just because they’re young, does not mean your youth group can’t hold some high impact fundraisers! Here are some great fundraising (and marketing!) ideas that your youth group can take the reins on, and provide a great experience for the whole church community.

1. Hold a Craft Night

A craft night is not only a great way to get your youth group together for some quality bonding, but it’s also a great fundraising opportunity! Have the kids work on a low-effort craft project, and task each of them with selling five to their friends and family.

2. Shake up Tithing

You’ve definitely noticed a decline of cash and checks within your church community. Your youth group is the perfect demographic to lead the charge with new technology! Give congregants the option to tithe with their credit card, and have the youth group be in charge of presenting the new technology. The best part is that the DipJar can be implemented into all other youth group fundraising as well!

3. Social Media Take Over

It’s always nice to revamp your church’s social media, and who better to take charge than the generation that grew up with cell phones! Allow the kids to hold "youth group takeovers." This is a time when they can be in charge of your accounts and showcase their fundraisers and weekly events for the community to see.

4. Organize a Tournament

A kickball or basketball tournament is a great fundraiser you can allow your youth group to take the reins on. Secure some fields or courts in the community and charge congregates a small admission fee to join. Your youth group can be in charge of logistics like setting up teams and brackets, which will make this an easy to run fundraiser!

5. Host a Parents Party

A parents party is great idea for a larger scale fundraiser that the youth group can really get involved in. Host an adult-only fundraiser with a raffle or auction to bring in the bigger dollars. The youth group can take on responsibilities like securing raffle prizes, setting up food and decorations, and advertising the event. The youth group can also act as babysitters for the young children in the community which will help the adults enjoy a night out!

6. Educate the Community

The church community can’t get involved with youth group fundraisers if they don’t even know what’s going on! Members of your youth group can write pieces for your church newsletter and local paper to spotlight youth group activities and campaigns. An article written by a member of the group will be much more meaningful than marketing put out by one of the leaders.

7. Partner with a Local Business

There are always local businesses willing to get involved with fundraising! Have the youth group travel around town and see if any local businesses will be willing to donate 5% of the days proceeds to the group. Once the partnership is secured the kids can be in charge of making flyers to spread the word around the community.

Check out this post for another great business partnership option!

8. Use the Old Standbys

Car washes and bake sales have been happening for years, so don’t fix what isn’t broken! Continue implementing these reliable fundraisers, but add opportunities for cashless gifts as well.


If you have more questions about nonprofit strategy you can always reach out to the DipJar fundraising experts for help. It's what we love to do!