A Canvas For Your Cause: Introducing The White DipJar.

As DipJar has evolved as a company, we have realized the importance branding has on creating a sense of trust and credibility with donors. A brand is a feeling summarized by a name and logo. This feeling is something your nonprofit has worked hard to create by the tireless work and commitment you put towards your cause. Your brand evokes an emotion that compels donors to give. 

We have seen several examples of this in practice with current DipJar customers. Branded Loggerhead Marinelife Center DipJars have helped the center continue to offer free admission by taking in $35,000 since July. DipJar have helped YMCA of the North Shore unite their seven locations by providing consistent custom branding. The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention raised $3,4000 at their  first event using DipJars branded with the trusted AFSP logo.

We have paid homage to our customer's powerful brands by providing free branding on every DipJar purchased. We are ready to go a step further. In order to harness the full power of your brand, it is important to keep your nonprofit's logo intact. This means providing a blank canvas for your logo to be the star; exactly as you designed it.

Introducing the Infinite White DipJar. A white DipJar creates a canvas for your cause allowing us to print your full color logo while maintaining the integrity of your brand. Take your fundraising to the next level by harnessing the power of your brand by letting it shine on an infinite white back drop.  

Infinite White Branding.jpg
Rebecca Toporoff