A New Perspective: 7 Ways High School Involvement Can Benefit Your Nonprofit

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With four years of high school under my belt and 2 weeks until I graduate, to date, I have completed at least 80 volunteer hours as a student. This means that whether it’s cooking for Rotary club, leading a Youth Ministry council, or helping an official referee shot put at our track team’s fundraising meet, I have seen a lot of high schoolers become extremely involved in giving their time and money to people and organizations that they care about. Even when students don’t need hours of service or to participate in fundraising events because of school requirements, I have seen teens become even more personally invested in benefitting a nonprofit for their own satisfaction and desire to give back to their communities.

1. Volunteer Hours

Whether a high school student is volunteering because they are required to do so through their school, it is out of the kindness of their heart, or because it is a social event with food, they are providing you with free volunteer hours to help your organization achieve their goals.

2. Awareness

When you are catering towards High School Students, you are also inviting them to talk to people about your organization, to bring their friends to your events, and possibly most importantly, to post pictures associating themselves with your nonprofit. This audience can give you easy exposure to your immediate community as well as the opportunity to be virtually recognized.

3. Attendance

Attracting a large crowd of high school teens to your nonprofit’s effort to raise funds may seem overwhelming, but with their attendance, your event will benefit from their donations and/or volunteering as well as through the people they bring with them, including parents, siblings, and friends.

4. Meaning

A backbone to nonprofit funding is the purpose for which people are spending their time and giving their money. An important intersection between youth groups and nonprofits is the vast number of each. Market your nonprofit to the students that have a passion for your purpose; happy and motivated volunteers perform the best and give the most!

5. Donations

When you already have foot traffic through your event, donations are inevitable, especially if people are working, getting hungry, and there is food for sale to support the nonprofit. By having an event where the people attending are choosing to help out, they are most likely also willing to give money to the organization as well.  

6. Personal Connection

Create a friendly environment for high schoolers! - Not only will the parents of your potential volunteers and donors encourage their attendance, but they will remember how your organization has made them feel over the years. In 5+ years, these students will be more inclined to support your organization if they have had a positive first impression.   

7. Creativity

A bonus to including high school students into your fundraising experience is their willingness to take initiative. Students looking to earn hours or supplement an application or resume can be some of the most creative event planners.


If you have more questions about nonprofit strategy you can always reach out to the DipJar fundraising experts for help. It's what we love to do!