AFSP Out of the Darkness Walk with DipJar

The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention hosted their Boston Area Walk last weekend. AFSP raised over $3,400 using branded DipJars at the event. The walk helped raise awareness and funds for an amazing cause. 

About Out of the Darkness Walks

The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention founded Out of the Darkness Walks in 2004. These community and campus walks have been a great way for people to come together and support a cause they feel connected to. The funds raised go to research, educational programs, advocacy for public policy and support of survivors of suicide loss. 

Where does DipJar come in?

DipJar had the honor of attending the Boston Area Walk to reach the over 1,000 walkers and help AFSP rack in even more donations. We brought 5 DipJars which were stationed at the registration table and merchandise table. There were many walkers who registered on-site, and DipJar gave these people the opportunity to donate. This was vital due to the fact that many of the participants were not carrying cash on them at the event. 

Money is in the merch

DipJar proved to be an invaluable addition at the merchandise table. Previously, walkers who wanted to purchase a shirt had to either use cash or fill out a paper slip where they provided credit card information. This process was time consuming and would often create a back up at the table. A common alternative is to use a phone or table based credit card terminal; this method can be tedious as well. With DipJar, the customers were able to purchase the merchandise in seconds with little help from the volunteers due to the intuitiveness of the jars. 


Higher dollars, more dips 

As it was AFSP's first time using DipJar, the organizers of the walk admitted they were nervous that the jars would not be used, especially those set to higher dollar amounts. They were excited to learn that one jar set to $25 was dipped in more times than all three $10 jars combined. One walker even dipped eight times in the $25 jar! This proves the power of setting jars to higher amounts; people who feel passionate about a cause are willing to demonstrate that passion through larger donations. 

The future of AFSP and DipJar...

The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention holds community walks in the fall, approximately 415 by the end of 2017, and campus walks in the spring. In addition to the Out of the Darkness walks, there are other events including tabling events, marathon team fundraisers and a wine and craft beer event at Fenway Park. Watch out for DipJar at future AFSP walks and events!