Beer for the Greater Good

Along with making amazing IPA’s, the appropriately named Greater Good Imperial Brewing Company in Worcester, MA has a knack for helping out at fundraising events. Greater Good owner, Paul Wengender, took it upon himself to donate a keg of his freshly brewed Citra, their Imperial Belgian IPA, to help Worcester Cares raise funds for the Hurricane Harvey relief.

Cash-Only Crisis

Aside from a cash option, Greater Good had no way of selling beer and the nearest ATM was at least 2 blocks away. One of the fundraising DipJars used by Worcester Cares came to the rescue as a quick and easy solution for all the cashless patrons. The DipJar was quickly switched to $6 and then beer could be purchased with credit or debit card. Many supporters enjoyed cold ones in a beer garden next to several fundraising tents and food vendors who all came together to support this wonderful cause.

Cause Marketing

With DipJar, Greater Good Brewing was able to host a successful fundraiser and reinforce their brand as a socially responsible company. Cause Marketing is becoming more popular with a wide variety of companies acting as a way to bring in new revenue, greater awareness, and more opportunity for their business. For-profit businesses need to make a profit after all! By having DipJar, for-profit businesses are able to unlock the ability to host easy and successful charitable events while attracting more customers to their business.

In this case, Greater Good Imperial Brewing Company was able to attract much more customers who all tasted their beer and took note of their new location just miles away.