Webinar: Best Strategies for In-Person Donation Collection on Any Platform

Our Fundraising Success Team was asked to present in a webinar outlining the top strategies for in-person donation collection. The video below has all those best practices boiled down into a beautiful 17 minute blast of best practices.

Not Limited to Just DipJar!

These top strategies are presented by DipJar but are certainly not limited to DipJar. They can be applied to any in-person giving including with pledge cards, cash collection, tablet based kiosks, and even dongles like Square. The main highlights include:

  • Reducing friction and increasing speed for the donors
  • Venue and specific location of donor interaction
  • Leveraging social interaction -- recognize the donor for their good deed
  • Norm setting for donations
  • Making the gift meaningful
  • Brand promotion for your cause

The full webinar can be found here.

Fundraising TipsJon Fraser