Big Sisters Raise Big Money by Turning Their Fundraising Into a Game

The Big Sister Association of Greater Boston played a game of chance at their latest fundraiser which helped them surpass their $10,000 fundraising goal! 

The Big Sister Association of Greater Boston held a fundraiser last Thursday celebrating ten years of enrichment and mentoring programs for young girls in Boston. The event at Dorchester Brewing CO. gathered 100 of Boston's next generation philanthropists for a night of fun and fundraising!


Fundraising as a game?

The fundraising aspect of this event was centered around a game of chance. The Big Sister Association solicited prizes from local businesses who were excited to support this meaningful cause. Attendees dipped in 10, 25 and 50 dollar DipJars for their chance to win big! The Big Sisters sold out of all 100 prizes, but the dipping did not end there,

"We sold out of the higher levels first, and there were some awesome prizes in there, but then people were just coming back because they had enjoyed the experience so much."

Why DipJar?

The big sisters said they would love to use DipJar at all their future events, and here are a few reasons why:

1. No lines 

The Big Sister Association previousely used ipads to collect credit card donations which was time consuming and created a back up at the donation table. With DipJar, donors were able to give within three seconds and move on to enjoy the rest of the event!

2. Lights and sounds

DipJar fit the "game theme" of the event because donating with DipJar is like a game in itself! Donors raved about the lights and sounds, and this even compelled several donors to dip again and again!

3. Portability 

The Big Sister Association was thrilled they sold out of all 100 prizes for the game of chance, but they needed to get creative to ensure donations kept rolling in for the remainder of the event. With the help of portability kits, the Big Sister Association carried DipJars around the venue and engaged with customers while taking in additional donations!

4. Branding

The Big Sister Association of Greater Boston logo printed on the front of the DipJars helped create a stronger sends of trust in the donors,

"The donors felt like they were dipping their cards into the bank account of Big Sister Boston."