Closing the gap on where your donation money actually goes

The Fundraising Success Team is back with this edition of DipJar’s weekly digest. We are always on the prowl trying to find the best tips and pieces of advice we can pass along to you! This week we are focusing in on tying your donation to a very specific outcome and how that can increase donor interest as well as their contribution.

Everywhere you go there’s a pre-set price tag for everything you buy from a cup of coffee, to a movie ticket. As a customer you don’t have to debate the worth of your purchase and you just swipe your card and go. So why can’t donating be the same way?

It can! If you closely tie your donation amount to a very specific cause or outcome then you can better determine and justify a set donation amount for donors to give. What you really want to achieve is warm-glow giving. Warm-glow giving is that positive emotional feeling people get from helping others (the warm and fuzzy). One really effective way to achieve that is by closing the gap on where the money goes because it feels so much more personal. You'll be shocked at how well it works.

Let us break it down:

Case 1

You go to a free aquarium and they ask for a donation for the visit. There is no suggested amount so you can give anything you want, and give the $2 in your wallet.

Case 2

You go into a free aquarium and they say “One $10 donation will feed Shelly the turtle for a day!”

This is a very simple example but it works! In Case 2 the visitors of the aquarium don’t have to think about much they should donate and why they're even donating. That work is already done for them! There’s a pre determined amount of $10 and visitors are told exactly how their contribution will help. Who doesn't want to feed a turtle?!

The Proof is in the Pudding

We talk to many organizations on a daily basis who take this approach and it's almost always produces positive results. Here’s just a few of the examples:

“$1,300 Covers the cost of one student in a Blue Engine Classroom for a year” - Blue Engine

“For $18, donors provide four home-cooked, hand-delivered meals to a woman in treatment and her family.”  -Susan G Komen of Greater NYC

“$200 will feed one child for an entire year school year” -Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma


By tying their donation to a very specific cause these organizations all had such a great response. Donors were felt good about donating but were even more pleased that they knew what their money was supporting.

Try it out at your next event! Make the process even more simple and tie your cause to a specific donation amount. If you have a success story you’d like to share or want some advice contact us at: