You can now customize DipJar with your own brand

Here at DipJar we are determined to keep our customers updated with the latest news and product improvements based on your feedback! What’s our most recent update?


Now if you order 3 or more DipJars we will customize your jars with with your organization's brand or logo at no additional cost.

We’ve learned what a difference branding made for customers and wanted to make that possible for everyone. Eye-catching signage is a key way to initially attract donors to your organization. Now with our complimentary customization you can have your DipJars stand out on its own!


Custom branding for your cause is available to even the smallest nonprofit

Pick one of six DipJar colors that corresponds with your organization. If none of them tickle your fancy, try our black DipJar that looks sleek and professional with almost any logo. Once you choose a color you can go ahead and order your DipJars at our online store.

If you order 3 or more DipJars then you qualify for free branding. Just email with a high resolution or vector image of what you want on your DipJar and we will take care of the rest.

Atlanta Community was so pleased with how their DipJars turned out and couldn't wait to start using them! 

Adding a personal logo to your DipJar is a great way to only increase donations and better image of your organization. Branded merchandise evokes a professional atmosphere for your nonprofit or business. The more professional and cohesive your organization appears the more people will trust and support it.

People are loving their customized jars, and have reported increased success with donations because of it!

To get your own customized DipJars, order here:

Maia Sutton