DipCast Case Study: YMCA Raises Big Money at a Small-Scale Event


The Event:

Licking County Family YMCA held a small scale event at a local brewery to raise money to send kids to summer camp! The 70 guests were given the opportunity to watch their donation make an impact on the running tally via the DipCast screen. A dip in the $25 DipJar provided one day of summer camp to a child; the $5 DipJar was available to those who wanted to give a bit less. DipCast helped Licking County Family YMCA raise $675 (27 days of camp) at this small-scale event!


Why DipCast?

DipCast helped elevate what could have been a more passive fundraising opportunity, into an active one! Because DipCast is a subscription service, it can easily be implemented into any fundraising event, big or small. It also helps to ease the burden of the on-site event staff:

“The DipCast is so critical for this…I was able to talk to more people at this event than I ever had in my life at other events”

-Katie Monroe, Licking County Family YMCA

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