DipJar as a Point of Sale Device

DipJar works wonders at collecting donations at charitable events and nonprofit venues. However, did you know that DipJar can also be used as a point of sales device? Here are some examples of DipJar successfully selling everything from t-shirts to art books!

1. AFSP t-shirt sales

The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention hosted their Boston Area Out of the Darkness Walk earlier this month. They found immense success using DipJar to sell merchandise. The organization moved from a paper slip back-up, to a smooth flow of purchasing using cash and DipJars! They strategically set jars to $5, $10 and $20 which allowed people to dip once, or multiple times depending on the item they were purchasing. 


The Los Angeles County High School of the Arts has found several creative ways to leverage DipJar as a point of sales device. They use DipJar to sell event entrance tickets, school merchandise, concessions and student art books. Lorelei McCollough of LACHSA commented,

"The DipJar is by far the fastest way to collect money off of credit cards and our #1 choice as a selling tool. We are now the happy owner of three DipJars and our supporters are very pleased with the speed of our lines!”

LACHSA has already collected over ten and a half thousand dollars using DipJar, and that number is consistently growing!

3. Sigma Chi

Sigma Chi at Furman University raised money for their philanthropy, the Huntsman Cancer Institute, by using DipJar to sell burgers! This system was a hit with college students and the innovation even inspired older alumni to make larger donations. Clayton Moyer stated,

"It’s awesome that we are able to collect donations without having electricity or having to type in credit card information. College kids love the lights and sounds the jar makes as well." 

4. Greater Good Imperial Brewing Company

The Greater Good Imperial Brewing Company sold beer to support Hurricane Harvey relief. With the nearest atm two block away, the slew of cashless donors needed another option to support this relief effort. That's where DipJar came in! The jar was set to $6 and used as a point of sale device to sell cold ones for a great cause.

Enhance your fundraising efforts by using DipJar as a point of sales device! Selling merchandise and concessions is a great way to rack in donations while getting your organization out there in your local community.