DipJar at Worcester Cares - Disaster Relief Community Response

Last Friday, the DipJar team attended Worcester Cares - Disaster Relief Community Response, an event thrown by United Way and Red Cross. We were thrilled to be a part of such an inspiring event that brought people from all walks of life together to raise money for those effected by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma.

The event raised a grand total of $53,000 that will go toward the immediate relief, recovery, and long term rebuilding of the impacted communities. The debit and credit card donations collected by their three DipJars in addition to the cash, online, and supplies donations collected are going to do a lot of good.


It was so inspiring to see the United Way of Central Massachusetts President, Tim Garvin, and all of the staff, volunteers, and supporters come out to help make this event as successful as it was. They were also very enthusiastic about DipJar! Every time someone would dip their card, the whole team would applaud and cheer for them, especially the double dippers!

Team celebrations accompanied each and every dip!


Joseph D. Early Jr. (above), Worcester County District Attorney was a "Triple Dipper"

Tim Garvin, President of United Way of Central Massachusetts, shown above doing one of his many dips of the day.

Our thoughts go out to those impacted by the recent hurricanes and hope that we here at DipJar can play our part in helping collect more donations for relief efforts.