DipJar Beats out PayPal, Cash and Checks at Library Event

The Friends of Kansas City Public Library raised $3,300 at their ContraBanned event! There were different ways to donate: cash, check, PayPal and DipJar. DipJar was the big winner racking in more donations than all the other giving platforms. 

About the event

The Friends of the Kansas City Public Library held its first fundraiser on September 30th. This event was a way for the library to stand up to censorship. Challenges against literature have gone up, and the library wants to empower people to access the knowledge they deserve. Around 170 people showed up to protect their right to read through food, photo shoots and dipping!

First event jitters

As this was the organization's first event, they were unsure about the best way to rack in the most donations. They offered four different giving options: cash, check, PayPal or DipJar. DipJar beat out all the rest! An employee commented that DipJar was by far the most convenient means to give. Donors repeatedly remarked on how easy DipJar was to use, and how quickly they were able to donate and move on to enjoy the event. 


How did they use DipJar

The organization used three branded DipJars to reach its fundraising success. The jars were set to $25, $50 and $100 dollars. A board member kicked off the giving by generously dipping $500 on-stage to get the night started. The attendees quickly followed suit. Almost half of the night's dips were in the $100 jar! This again demonstrates the power of setting DipJar to a higher amount.

How did donors feel about DipJar?

The attendees at ContraBanned were excited by DipJar and reported that they had never seen anything else like it. An employee stated that the event-goers "were enamored and couldn't stop asking questions about DipJar." Even with all this positive feedback, the donation total speaks the loudest. $3,300 at one event...that's truly a night for the books!