How One Organization’s DipJar Paid for Itself in 10 Minutes

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Clintonville Beechwold Community Resources Center blew the DipJar team away by having their DipJar pay for itself in just 10 minutes. With their DipJar set to $20,  they collected hundreds of dollars in a fundraising frenzy! Our experts have decided the “sweet spot” for the best dollar amount is about $15-$25. And after only 10 minutes of using their new DipJar, Clintonville has proven our case. Woohoo! So why was their fundraiser so successful? Read Lloyd's take below:

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Lloyd Edwards: DipJar Fundraising Expert

"The psychology of donating with a credit card is vastly different than cash, and has the potential to be a real game changer. People are looking for ways to donate quickly; they want that 'warm fuzzy feeling,' but they don't want to be pestered afterwards with emails and phone calls. Donors are far more willing to donate higher amounts if it means simplicity, speed, and a little added fun!"

What it takes:


Being dedicated to your fundraising campaign is key. Working with DipJar’s fundraising experts and creating the best possible plan is important for the most effective collaboration.


Whether you have a volunteer or some signage that pops, DipJar is a fun and quick device and it should be marketed as such! An energetic volunteer can increase your donation intake by impressive amounts.


You need to put your organization out there. A persistent volunteer will increase your donations. Usually, not every person will donate but the more people that are asked, even multiple times, the more donations collected


Best Practices for DipJar:

Location - Think about where you place your DipJar. No matter how you're using it you want to maximize foot traffic.

Engaging Donors to Donate - While the DipJar has the ability to fundraise on its own, we recommend having a volunteer to hype up the fun process of DipJar. A smiling volunteer who can answer donors questions about the cause is your best bet for taking in more donations.

Using Awesome Signage - Make sure to make your signage simple, informative, and eye-catching with color. Tell a story and make it personal. Let your donor know where their money is going. In just one hour alone, we raised almost $100 with a DipJar and simple signage telling donors where their donation is going.

Frequency - Use your DipJar as much as possible. Between events, we recommend setting up your DipJar a the front of your facility, partnering with a retailer or restaurant, or lending it out to some eager volunteers. We're here to help you come up with some great ideas!


If you have more questions about nonprofit strategy you can always reach out to the DipJar fundraising experts for help. It's what we love to do!