DipJar takes the stage with The Front Porch Arts Collective

The Front Porch Arts Collective put on a performace of An Issue of Blood Monday night that both entertained the audience and racked in numerous donations, doubling their previous fundraising efforts, using DipJar.

The Front Porch Arts Collective is a new, Boston-based arts collective residing at Cambridge's Central Square Theater. The group examines social justice issues from a black and brown perspective, and strives to create an atmosphere where people can see the world from different view points. The Front Porch Arts Collective's first project is The God's Closet Reading Series. We sat down with Maurice Emmanuel Parent, one the Artistic Leads, to learn a little bit more about the arts collective's drama...and dipping!

Curtains close and the dipping begins

After the performance, Parent showed the crowd an exciting on-stage dipping demonstration. The guests then exited the theater for drinks and DipJars. Parent said he prefers collecting donations from DipJars, rather than ticket sales, because it allows anyone to enjoy the performance, regardless of his or her financial situation. Then, those who do have money to donate to the arts collective can dip to their heart's content. The Front Porch Arts Collective previously only had one jar in operation. This was successful, but people ended up waiting in line to make a donation. With the addition of two more jars after this performance, there were less lines and more dipping.

By the numbers

No need for actors, the numbers truly speak for themselves in this story...

  • Three DipJars
  • 200 people 
  • 20 minutes 
  • $1,000!

The Front Porch Arts Collective raised double the money after this performance than the previous one. This proves the power of the dip!

The Front Porch Arts Collective was able to put on a powerful performance, and rack in several generous donations, all in one night. Parent's goal was for the audience to be so inspired by the performance that they were compelled to donate afterwards. This was a successful model that other theater and performance groups can emulate using DipJars of their own.