YMCA of the North Shore is an Innovator in Donation Collection

Seven DipJars, seven locations and lots of fundraising! The YMCA of the North Shore creatively uses their DipJars (often for several hundred dollar individual donations!) to reach donors spanning their association's range of needs, demographics and fundraising goals. 

How YMCA of the North Shore uses DipJar

The YMCA of the North Shore is one of the largest Ys in the country. This association is comprised of seven different YMCA locations spanning Massachusetts' North Shore. The varying needs and demographics of each of these distinct YMCA locations is the perfect match for DipJar's versatility and portability. 

The YMCA of the North Shore has already used their seven DipJars in a variety of creative ways, and are excited to continue doing so in the future...

1. Taste the Space Event

An old batting cage turned garden was the location of this fundraising event. A board member did a dipping demonstration for the 150 attendees to get the donating started! This food tasting event raised $1,200 with signs encouraging attendees to "double dip."

2. Patriots opening day 

The YMCA took DipJar to the field! On the Patriots' opening day, users dipped in exchange for the chance to kick a football for distance. The farthest kicker won a prize at this interactive fundraising event.

3. Cocktail party

High dollar amounts were the life of this cocktail party! They set three of their DipJars to $500, $250 and $100 to give their major donors a chance to dip. 

4. "25 Great Things About Your Y" campaign 

The YMCA of the North Shore has an upcoming campaign called "25 Great Things About Your Y." This campaign encourages all members to dip in a $25 DipJar while sharing all the reasons they love YMCA of the North Shore.

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Why they love DipJar! 

Here are a few reasons why DipJar works so well for YMCA of the North Shore:

1. Attracting new donors 

YMCA of the North Shore has been working on attracting new donors. DipJar brought something innovative and exciting to an organization that has existed since the 1800s! 

2. Branding

The YMCA is a trusted organization, and their recognizable logo speaks to that. This YMCA branch feels that the branding on DipJar instills a greater sense of trust in their donors. The logo allows them to  associate DipJar with the organization they already feel so passionate about. 

3. Portability 

The YMCA of the North Shore refers to their jars as the "travelling DipJars." Although they have one DipJar per location, portability kits allow the DipJars to be shared amongst all seven. 

4. Adjustable dollar amount 

The seven YMCA locations that comprise this larger organization are all based in varying demographic areas. Some locations may call for a $100 donation amount, while $15 is more appropriate at another. It is easy for them to adjust the amount wherever their DipJars are going!