Susan G. Komen of Greater NYC has Amazing Success with DipJar!

This week, we’d like to unveil a whole new batch of customized DipJars for one of our customers, Susan G. Komen Greater NYC! They have been very successful and are extremely happy customers who adore their DipJars. We are thrilled to share their unique fundraisers with you.

Susan G. Komen Greater NYC has had amazing success (and fun!) using their DipJars at their events. They have utilized their DipJars through a number of different avenues, and continue to come up with more creative ideas. 

The Susan G. Komen of Greater NYC gave us some particularly awesome stories:

Komen NYC featured DipJars at their outdoor yoga fundraiser with Manduka Yoga called Project:OM (and utilized a portable charger). They held a free yoga event with a suggested donation of $10 to help undeserved New Yorkers get access to life-saving services. Their DipJars were front and center at the registration table to collect donations.

In the winter, Komen brought their DipJars to their Giving Tuesday popup event in Chelsea Square. There was awesome signage for their DipJars to specify exactly what the donation went towards. Setting the DipJars at $18, $36, and $64, the signs specified how many meals you were paying for with your donation. For $18, donors provided four home-cooked, hand-delivered meals to a woman in treatment and her family, and the increments went up from there. Komen found that providing multiple donation options increased donations because attendees felt more comfortable when offered a choice of how much to give.

Komen also incorporated their DipJars in a fundraising competition for their upcoming Race for the Cure! Partnering with JPMorgan Chase, Komen NYC hosted a corporate team fundraising race, which pitted different departments against one another. Teams had their manager act as a "bartender" and each DipJar was set to $50 for the teams to collect "tips." Everyone had a blast and the event ended up raising $5,000 from the DipJars alone, and over $200,000 for the JPMorgan Chase Race team.

IMG_0420 (1).jpg

The DipJars brought out at Komen NYC's fundraising events have helped them raise thousands of dollars.

“Credit card machines are a little clunky, these things you just take, plop on a desk plug them into the charger and you’re done! I have no complaints they have made my life so much easier, and they're fun to use for donors!” - Devon Ott, Director of Marketing and Communications

We can't wait for Komen Greater NYC to use the DipJars at their upcoming Race for the Cure AND in October for Breast Cancer Awareness Month fundraisers! We are so happy to have partnered with their great organization and continue to play a role in their fundraising success.