Donors Give More In Person Than Online


With technological advances, you may think that online giving is the way to go. Although it's a valuable tool to have, in-person donation asks prove to be more effective overall. Studies show that donations made online are much smaller than those given through other channels. There has also been a drop in donors choosing to give online in recent years (down 16% from 2014 to 2016). Here are 6 reasons why you should still be collecting donations in person: 

1. Recognition effect

Studies show that people will give larger donations when they are recognized for doing so. When a donor is making a gift in person, they are surrounded by your nonprofit's staff, volunteers and other donors. This influences the donor to give a larger gift than they would from behind a computer screen. 

2. Donors Don't have the chance to forget 

People have good intentions to give, but emails get buried in inboxes and donation pledge forms never leave coat pockets. People are so busy these days they can simply forgot to go online after an event and make a donation! Provide several in person giving options on-site and at events to ensure every donor has the chance to give before they get home. 

3. Fosters Spontaneous Giving 

Many forms of giving requires multi-step processes like entering a credit card online or writing a check; this can cause donors to overthink their gift. Having a cash box and credit card reader available at every event will allow for more spontaneous donations due to the speed and ease of use of these options. 

4. You can give a more genuine thank you 

It's nice for donors to receive a thank you in the mail or online, but there's nothing quite like a personal thank you from the people who are closest to the cause. In person giving helps to build relationships with donors which will make them more likely to stay connected with the cause and continue giving in the future. 

5. gives donors multiple chances to give 

Through online or mail-in giving options donors will likely make one donation and move along, Donation collection at events gives donor multiple instances to give, They pay for a ticket, enter a raffle, buy merchandise and are often inspired to give additional monetary donations. Gamification at events also helps to increase these donations. 


If you have more questions about nonprofit strategy you can always reach out to the DipJar fundraising experts for help. It's what we love to do!