Dress for Success Used Gamification to Raise Over $3,500 in One Night

Dress for Success Boston held their Style + Soul fashion show fundraiser on March 1st and raised $3,575 with DipJar! This event raised money to help women break the cycle of poverty by providing them with clothing and confidence to gain financial independence and respect.  


Pick a key, any key!

When attendees entered the event, they passed by two glass boxes that held high-end prizes generously donated by one of Dress for Success's sponsors. Donors dipped in $25 DipJars in exchange for a key. After the show, all the donors had a chance to try their key in the boxes in the hopes of having the lucky one that unlocked a prize!

The Keys to success

Donors loved the game so much, they dipped 143 times for a total of $3,575 raised with DipJar! There are several reasons why Dress for Success Boston had so much success fundraising with DipJar:

1. They gamified their fundraising 

Dipping in exchange for a key with the potential to unlock a box to win a high-end prize was definitely a compelling ask! Many donors dipped multiple times because they were so excited by the concept. DipJar's lights and sounds also add to the fun of gamification


2. DipJar is in their store everyday 

Dress for Success typically has their DipJar sitting out in their boutique. Many of the donors felt much more comfortable and excited to use DipJar because it is something they were already familiar with. Dress for Success also has the added bonus of being able to collect daily donations on-site.

dress 4 success.jpg

3. They had engaging volunteers working the DipJars

Having volunteers or staff members working with your DipJars makes donating a much more personal experience. The volunteers also helped to hype up the game and get the attendees more excited to play. 


4. There was an on-stage demonstration 

The host of the fashion show dipped twice on-stage and hyped up the audience about donating with DipJar. Even after the keys sold out, people were still intrigued by the demonstration and donated additional money to Dress for Success. 


If you have more questions about nonprofit strategy you can always reach out to the DipJar fundraising experts for help. It's what we love to do!