Engaging Families - Intimate Gatherings Produce High Rewards

The Monmouth County Historical Association found the secret ingredient for successful fundraising for their organization; family involvement and engagement. Their Annual Garden Party was a huge success in raising over $100,000 with the help of their young and eager volunteers. We are so excited that we had the chance to feature them this week!

No last minute scrambling to find a babysitter this year. Monmouth County Historical Association welcomes the whole family to enjoy the Annual Garden Party! The Historical Association takes a typically adult-only event and includes youth of the community for a night that's fun for everyone.


Dressed up kids roam around the event handing out food and flowers acting as servers for the adults. The kids love the responsibility and parents get a kick out of seeind their kids help out all night. 

Held at a private New Jersey riverside home of a member, the MCHA hosted 350 people for an evening focused on personal connections with their community. The money raised was to go toward digitizing the Association’s library archives, funds for operation, and upkeep for the five historic homes. Tickets for attendance were $135 and $175 to be a sponsor. 

Association’s attendees children participate as servers for the event
roses in place of paddles for the auction.

The Garden Party raised money with raffle tickets, a silent auction, and a paddle auction, and sponsorship opportunities. Each mode of fundraising was specifically targeted toward community members and the event concentrated on making attendees feel appreciated and encouraged to donate.

MCHA also brought in celebrity auctioneer and television host Nicholas Dawes for the paddle auction which brought in $35,000! The auctioned items were experience packages and gift certificates of various items from local stores and businesses. This event was a huge success largely because of the Historical Association’s focus on intimacy and personal connections with the attendees of the Garden Party.

We love how the Monmouth County Historical Association held an event that included the whole family. Thanks for sharing your story and good luck with all of your endeavors!