Firefighters are Filling The Boot and the DipJar

Firefighters around the country are familiar with the Fill The Boot Fundraiser because it has been an ongoing tradition for more than 60 years. DipJar is thrilled to get in on the action to help raise funds for the MDA!

The Muscular Dystrophy Association has partnered with the International Association of Fire Fighters and have raised upwards of $24 million in 2016 alone. The Framingham Fire Department in Massachusetts recently had a Fill The Boot Fundraiser and brought along their DipJars for help!

The Muscular Dystrophy Association has been widely successful in raising money for the cause. Every penny goes toward reasearching a cure, providing aid and service to families of children with MD, and a free week-long MDA summer camp which provides children with MD "the best week of the year."


There are many different kinds of fundraisers besides the traditional Fill The Boot that help to raise money for MDA, such as the MDA Muscle Walk, "Lock-Ups", Corporate Golf events and more! DipJar is excited to partake in any future fundraising events for MDA!


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