Fraternity Gala is a Success with $100 Dips!

Phi Alpha Tau at Emerson College, the nation's oldest professional communicative arts fraternity, went cashless to finish off their week-long fundraising event. The fraternity honored Dr. David Brudnoy and raised money for AIDS research at Mass General Hospital. Phi Alpha Tau ran into the same problem many nonprofits, especially those targeting students, often face; nobody carries cash anymore! DipJar helped the fraternity reach their fundraising goal by providing a quick and easy option for cashless giving:

"There were definitely people that saw DipJar and donated who wouldn't have otherwise donated, so I think that DipJar really helped us reach our goal"

High dollar amounts 

The fraternity was weary about setting one of their DipJars to $100 dollars; thinking this amount was too high for the particular event and audience. To their surprise; there were actually multiple dips in the $100 DipJar! This yet again proves both the donors' generosity and the power of suggestion with DipJar!