Fundraising Blitz: Getting quick dips in our own back yard

The DipJar team went out to Boston Common to raise money for the Greater Boston Food Bank in order to help make an impact in our own community.

Located in the heart of Boston, the DipJar team was able to take a quick fundraising trip to Boston Common to help raise money for this great cause. Inspired by GBFB's ability to feed provide three meals for a dollar, we programmed a DipJar for $7 and $30 to help people make tangible donations to feed someone for a week or a month. After only 30 minutes, the DipJar team was able to raise $93, or in other words, enough money to provide almost 300 meals for the seniors, families, and children in need.

The Greater Boston Food Bank (GBFB) is on a mission to end hunger in Eastern Massachusetts by providing healthy and nutritious meals to those in need. Distributing enough food for 140,000 people monthly, 1 out of 3 of which are children, GBFB is combating the recent increase in need for food assistance.

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Being the largest hunger-relief organizations in New England, GBFB has programs that help every kind of person. Their Brown Bag Program helps to ensure nutrition among the growing population of seniors in need, and provide safe and convenient School-Based Pantries for the 1 out of 8 children. Their Mobile Market brings high quality perishable goods to underserved communities in order to bridge the gap between hunger and health.

If you are interested in getting involved with GBFB, attend an upcoming signature eventvolunteer, or hostan event. Sad you missed us in the commons? No worries, donate here! For more information on the work GBFB is doing, visit their website.