Generation Z: Who are they and how can my nonprofit engage with them?


It seems like millennials were all anybody could talk about the past few years. Now that you're finally beginning to understand how to market your nonprofit to the millennial generation, here comes the next group that is here to shake up the nonprofit sector. 

Who is generation z?

They may be young, but they already have a presence in the nonprofit world. Generation Z was born after 1996. This means that the oldest members of Gen Z are about to graduate college and are ready to advocate for the causes they care about. This generation is also referred to as "iGen".  Millennials are tech-savvy, but Gen Z doesn't know a world without smart phones and social media. Here are a few stats about this generation:

  • Generation Z has approximately $44 billion in annual spending power
  • 32% have already donated to charity using their own money
  • They will make up almost 25% of the population by 2020

They approach giving, and respond to marketing, differently than their predecessors, so it's important to tailor your nonprofit's messaging to this next generation. 

Gen Z.jpg

Create volunteer opportunities

The majority of Gen Z is too young to be able to contribute financially to your nonprofit. However, with members of Gen Z like Malala Yousafzai, they are growing up with philanthropic role models who are inspiring them to give back. One thing Gen Z can offer your nonprofit is their time. In fact, 42% of people volunteer their time before giving financially to an organization. Create volunteer opportunities that will keep Gen Z engaged with your nonprofit, making them more likely to give financially in the future. 

Be smart on social media

Generation Z knows social media better than anyone. On average, they get their first social media account at age 11. Make sure to hit them on multiple platforms and tailor your messaging accordingly. Video consumption is key to this generation. Create compelling video content that Gen Z will connect with. Don't forget to make sure your content is mobile friendly, they will likely be viewing your marketing on their smart phones.


Although there is still a lot to learn about Gen Z, it is important to start marketing towards them as soon as possible. They are the next generation of philanthropists, so make sure they connect with your nonprofit in 2018.