Georgia Aquarium Installs 5 DipJars to Fund Research and Conservation

The Story

We have a story that we have to tell, and we’re using the DipJars to help us support that story
— Christina Robinson, Senior VP of Finance and Accounting

Georgia Aquarium is one of the largest aquariums in the world. Their mission is to educate guests on the ocean and aquatic animals, while conducting amazing research and conservation projects. The aquarium was looking for a way to capture further donations on-site, beyond ticket purchases. DipJar was the perfect fit!

Spontaneous, Inspired Giving

The 5 DipJars are spread throughout the aquarium, and each are associated with a different exhibit. The most successful locations are galleries where patrons are learning about the research and conservation projects currently being conducted by Georgia Aquarium. Capturing guests in these inspired moments makes them more likely to dip! This set-up also gives guests the power to decide which program they’d like to contribute to.

The DipCast Difference

When I swipe my card, I can see that number going up. I can feel like I contributed to that particular project.
— Christina Robinson, Senior VP of Finance and Accounting

One of the aquarium’s DipJars is connected to a DipCast screen, and this one is performing 30X better than the other DipJars! The images, messaging and running tally perfectly demonstrate the impact each and every donor is making. It’s clear that DipCast is the true differentiator in bumping up donation numbers in the exhibits.

The Future

We checked in with Georgia Aquarium shortly after they installed DipJars and DipCast into the exhibits. The aquarium has raised over $4,000 to date, and has plans to grow the program in the future! Robinson understands that using DipJar is a process. Trial and error is important in finding the perfect location and messaging to capture the most donations possible. We’re excited to follow Georgia Aquarium’s story, and share how DipJar continues to impact their important research and conservation projects!


If you have more questions about nonprofit strategy you can always reach out to the DipJar fundraising experts for help. It's what we love to do!