Giving Season with DipJar

Maximize Year-End Giving with These Tips!

November 3, 2021

Did you know that 30% of annual giving occurs in the last month of the year? We know, that's a staggering amount for just one month - which also means that you need to be prepared to connect with donors during the last few weeks of the year to ensure your organization is their donation of choice.

We're here to help you prepare for this year's giving season and help you Create Many More Giving Moments!

Let's start with a few quick reminders...

  • Test your DipJars before your event and charge your portability kits. If you don’t have portability kits, consider purchasing one before your next event. They allow you to take your DipJar on the go - outside at an event, carry it through a crowd to ask attendees for support - without being tied to a power outlet.
  • Create a Spark Campaign to pair with your DipJars to show donors their impact as they donate. These customizable campaigns are best shown on a table or screen near your DipJar.
  • Allow your audience to engage with your fundraising campaign from anywhere by connecting a SparkVirtual campaign! This way, your audience can support your organization through mobile and online donations.
  • Turn on our Donor Covered Fees feature to allow donors to cover the transaction fees associated with their donation so your organization receives 100% of their intended donation.
  • Familiarize yourself with the Dashboard so you can be confident that you’re utilizing your DipJars to the highest level
  • Create an engaging sign to place next to your DipJar. You can use this sign to tell your organization’s story, explain why you are fundraising, and tell donors how they can continue to support you by including your social media handles.

Why Spark is Important

When Georgia Aquarium connected one of their DipJars to a screen to display their Spark campaign, it performed 30 times better than their other DipJars! As we know from chatting with Tiffany of Boss on a Budget, being transparent about the impact of your organization's work and how donations help increase that positive impact is imperative to achieving fundraising success. That's why Spark campaigns multiply your DipJar's success!

Spark allows you to engage and educate your donors when you display the dynamic goal-drive campaign on a screen near your DipJar. The images, messaging and running tally perfectly demonstrate the impact each and every donor is making. Spark engages donors during the giving process in two ways - telling the donor exactly what the donation will be used for and immediately thanking them for their donation.

It's super simple to set up your first Spark campaign! Just head to your Dashboard > Select Spark from the left navigation > New Campaign. Customize your campaign to represent your organization and tell your mission. Enter the name of your fundraising campaign, your fundraising goal, a start and end date, a campaign message, a background image, and your organization’s logo. Once you’re satisfied with the settings of your campaign, click ‘SAVE’. Your new campaign will appear in your campaigns list with a unique URL.

Now you're ready to display your campaign performance on a tablet or screen near your DipJar to help drive engagement!

Make the Most of Online Fundraising

It's important to reach donors who you aren't able to meet in person to ensure you aren't missing out on possible donations this year! SparkVirtual will help you do just that!

SparkVirtual builds on Spark’s display capabilities by extending it to accept mobile and online donations, and can be used with or without a DipJar device. The campaign thermometer will update in real-time with all 'dips' when connected to your DipJar and with all donations made via mobile or online. All virtual campaigns are optimized for web browser, tablets, and mobile devices - so use your social media channels and other communication tools to share your campaigns with you entire audience! Check out this Knowledge Base article to enable SparkVirtual today.

Note: SparkVirtual is included at the Premium subscription level. If you do not currently have SparkVirtual but would like to take advantage of online giving, please contact our Sales team.

Donor Covered Fees

We want to help you make the most of each and every donation that your organization receives this giving season, so be sure to turn on Donor Covered Fees in your Dashboard! Many donors don’t know that you have to pay transactions fees when they donate by credit card, so, this feature allows them to go the extra mile for your mission and cover those fees.

Think Outside of the 'Jar'

While DipJar is great to use at your annual gala and fundraising events, you’ll gain more value when you use it everyday to collect donations and engage donors. It's a great fundraising tool to collect donations in your lobby, at fundraising events, and at community partner locations where you can reach a new, wider audience!

Sometimes the best time to ask for support is when someone is at your facility seeing the work you do first hand, so we recommend placing your DipJar(s) at your reception desk or somewhere in your lobby to allow visitor to support your work.

You can increase your donor audience by partnering with community businesses to host your DipJar! Instead of asking a local restaurant, bar, or coffee shop for a “Donate Back” day where the business is expected to donate a portion of their day’s sales, ask them for a few inches of counter space to host your DipJar for the weekend, week, or month. In exchange for their partnership, offer to tag them on social media as a sponsor and to send a newsletter to your subscribers encouraging them to visit the business where your DipJar is being hosted.

In addition to these tips, we've seen very creative ways to use DipJar, so we're sharing this downloadable PDF to spark inspiration!

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We're here to help you Create More Giving Moments this Giving Season, just let us know how we can support you!

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