Guest Blogging Guidelines

Thanks for your interest in collaborating with DipJar! We love teaming up with writers who can help us fulfill our mission: creating top tier educational content.

Interested in featuring writing from DipJar?

If you'd like DipJar to contribute an educational article to your blog, newsletter, or website, please reach out to Ricky Croyle at

Who is the author of DipJar's posts?

Our primary writer is Co-Founder and CEO of DipJar, Ryder Kessler.


Ryder Kessler dropped out of an English Literature PhD program to found DipJar, which enables cashless generosity via a hardware, software, and payments platform for joyful, friction-free donations.

Interested in writing for DipJar?

All inquiries about writing for DipJar should go to Ricky Croyle.

Who is DipJar’s audience?

Our goal is to educate anyone in the nonprofit and fundraising realm, and our blog’s readership is a reflection of just that. DipJar’s services cater to both the donor and the fundraiser by offering card-friendly giving kiosks. Much of our content relates back to our service goal.

What makes a good DipJar post?

While we welcome all guest submissions, please consider the following before pitching:

  • Read our blog: Develop a sense of the tone and content that we publish.
  • Content quality: Articles should be educational, consistent, and non-promotional.
  • Length of 1,000+ words: This is recommended to ensure reader engagement and enrichment. Author bios are not included in the word count.
  • Images: Include high resolution images (JPG or PNGs) and/or video or infographic embed codes. Also, you must own all images and video attached to the article.
  • Authorship: Our readers would love to get to know the person behind the words. Please be sure to include your headshot + short bio when submitting. We’ll post it at the end of the piece.
  • Links: Within the article you can connect links back to your own website with anchor text up to two times. Also, you can link to your website once within the author bio.
  • Industry Expert Links: Please include at least two additional links to highly authoritative industry expert sites/articles within your piece.
  • DipJar Links: Please link to at least two relevant pages on the DipJar site.
  • Final edits: While we try to maintain the original piece as much as possible, we do reserve the right to edit the post to ensure it echoes DipJar’s standards and guidelines.
  • Exclusivity: Your submission is exclusive to DipJar. We do not permit reposting of the same article to your blog or another site, although we do ask and encourage you to post a link to the guest article on your own blog.

What topics is DipJar looking for?

In general, we are looking for posts around these categories – as they relate to the nonprofit and fundraising space:

  • Trends in cashless donations
  • Creative fundraising ideas
  • Developments in online fundraising

Want to know if your topic relates to our blog? Shoot us an email at

How do I submit a post to DipJar?

If you’d like to submit to us, please email Ricky with a proposed topic. If it’s approved, we will then move forward with what needs to be included in the submission. Be sure to include your name, your company, the article’s angle, and a proposed publishing date.

Jon Fraser