Hearts 4 Arts Raising $80k to keep their mobile gallery rolling

This is part of DipJar's story series on fundraising for the arts. We love this story because instead of taking children to the arts, Portside Arts Center took arts to the children which attracted the attention they needed to fund their program.

Art centers and galleries have always struggled getting students to their site. Signing waivers and ordering buses becomes tedious and expensive. Portside Arts Center flipped their perspective and put the gallery on the road. In fact, their four-wheeled mobile arts center rolling up to local schools got enough attention to secure a $100,000 donation. Now Portside is trying to continue to expand the program with their fundraiser, Hearts 4 Arts.

ArtsMobile Unit

ArtsMobile Unit

With an end goal of $80,000, the fundraising strategy behind Hearts 4 Arts is to reach out to a lot of people for a small donation. They believe that if 4,000 people each donate $20 they could continue their art integration program which means Portside would impact 250 students, 6 teachers, and 2 local schools for an entire year. Donations also support:

  • Art supplies
  • Space for student art shows
  • Field trips
  • Teacher resource library


“I enjoyed participating in the program and my students enjoyed it as well. It was nice to see their pride in the completed activity and it being hung up.” - Mr. Solleveled, Horatio B. Hackett Elementary

Portside has been running their ArtsMobile since 2013. This program has integrated into the local schools of Philadelphia impacting 250 students, supplying 12 teachers in 6 different schools. The curriculum focuses on collaborating arts and education to make learning more hands on, engaging, and, most importantly, accessible.

Instead of listening to lectures students have stimulating activities that correspond with the curriculum. Through one class project students learned the difference between between biodegradable and non biodegradable papers by creating and planting their paper seed pods.

Serving their Philadelphia community since 2008 Portside Arts Center has become an asset in an underserved community.  

We have enjoyed learning about Portside Arts Center and all of their projects. For more information or to help their cause please visit them at http://www.portsideartscenter.org/donate.html