How a Nonprofit Partnered with Starbucks and Raised Over $36,000 with DipJar

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Veteran’s Community Project is a Kansas City nonprofit organization who works to eliminate veteran homelessness. They’ve raised over $36,000 with DipJar to date using a variety of creative strategies to create the full fundraising experience. Check out some great examples in this video!

Vcp DipJars in starbucks

Veteran’s Community Project works hard to partner with as may local businesses as possible. They are extremely succesful at this because they operate more like a business than a nonprofit; a strategy the DipJar team encourages! One of these partners is Starbucks. VCP places a DipJar on the counter with strategic signage that encourages customers to make a $5 donation.

Social media campaign

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The Power of Social Sharing

Check out VCP’s Facebook post on the left! This fun, informative and shareable post helps to spread the word about the partnership between Starbucks and VCP. A clear call to action ensures the followers know exactly how to contribute to the cause.

Why we love this strategy

VCP’s Starbucks campaign and social media post have all the essential elements that make for a succesful fundraiser! Here are a few reasons why this strategy is DipJar approved:

  • Clear call to action: donors know exactly what to do to complete VCP’s donation challenge

  • DipJar instructions: it is helpful to include a quick description on how to use DipJar in case you have supporters who haven’t used it yet

  • Encourage social posting: this campaign requires the donor to post on social media and tag VCP, this helps to spread the word even more!

  • Support the business partner: this campaign encourages the donor to become a repeat customer, something the business will definitely appreciate

  • Incentivize the donor: although your donors give to support you cause, a free shirt and gift card always help!


If you have more questions about nonprofit strategy you can always reach out to the DipJar fundraising experts for help. It's what we love to do!