How a Nonprofit Quadrupled Raffle Ticket Sales at Their Annual Gala!

ALS One raised over $6,000 in raffle ticket sales with the help of DipJar and DipCast! Check out the video to see how technology transformed this annual gala:


ALS One is a partnership of world-leading ALS researchers, doctors and care practitioners working towards finding treatments for ALS. The Annual Snow Ball is one of the nonprofit’s major fundraising events. The team decided to incorporate DipJar and DipCast to mix up this year’s fundraising!

The Raffle

ALS One used 5 DipJars to sell raffle tickets at the event. Three of the DipJars sat in front of the DipCast screen. Donors felt motivated to continue giving as they got the instant feedback of the donation total rising after each dip! The other two DipJars travelled around the event with volunteers to make a more personal donation ask.

DipJar Volunteer Explanation 1.jpg

DipJar Set-Up

The simple set-up of DipJar and DipCast made this seamless to incorporate into an already hectic event day! The staff just plugged the devices in and they were ready to collect donations. The executive director ran a quick training so the volunteers were ready to man the DipJars!

The Results

ALS One raised over 6,000 with DipJar and DipCast! Bob DiMartino of ALS ONE compared this year’s fundraising, to previous raffles ALS One has held:

“We’ve always struggled with raffles at these events. We can raise upwards of $50,000 in silent auctions…and maybe $1,000 with raffles. This is a game changer. This is quadruple, almost five times, what we typically get with raffles. I’m blown away and I have a whole different opinion of raffles now.” 


If you have more questions about nonprofit strategy you can always reach out to the DipJar fundraising experts for help. It's what we love to do!