How One Organization Did Low-Effort Fundraising Three Times a Week


When it comes to fundraising, time is money, literally. Whether it be daily collections at a front desk or event collections, nonprofits need to be working on fundraising at all times. Learn how the Women's Lunch Place best optimizes their weekly DipJar use here:

1. They Sold Mother's Day Cards in the Mall

The Women's Lunch Place set up a small greeting card kiosk in their local mall around Mother's Day. Partnering with your local mall is a great idea for public fundraising. They had a DipJar set at $25 and as people stopped and looked around they offered a card in exchange for a donation. On the back of the card, the organization included stories about the women they're helping. This is a feasible way to increase funds with the help of a volunteer! Lorraine Levine, Director of Development, explained how versatile DipJar is in all settings,

"It's simple for the volunteers who may not know how to use other payment devices. With other devices you have to have wifi access, you have to download things. This is one step and people are interested. It's new, it's secure, and supporters know it's going straight to The Women's Lunch Place."


2. They Paired With a Local Business

The Women's Lunch Place partnered with Boloco(Boston Local Company) and collected dips in exchange for a free burrito coupon! This is a great way to engage the community at the convenience of the donor. This daily collection technique is an amazing way to collect donations between events and maximize your nonprofit's intake. Tom O'Keefe, Head of Social Impact at Boloco described the process as,

"Super quick, I just plugged it in on the counter and it was ready to go."


3. They Threw a Raffle Event for Young Professionals

The Women's Lunch Place ran a raffle for young professionals with prizes such as Whole Foods gift cards, a trip to Provincetown, The Museum of Science tickets and other gifts geared towards young professionals. They sold raffle tickets in exchange for a dip in their DipJar or nonperishable food items. Raffles are a great way to get the supporters super engaged at your nonprofit events. Giving is a lot more fun when there's a chance at getting. A young professional representative of The Women's Lunch Place said,

"What's really great about DipJar is that it's quick, it's easy, you don't have to write down your information or your address, you just simply put it (your card) in and the lights go around and your transaction's finished! It's quick, it's easy, it's secure, and that's all you could hope for!" 

It’s nice that it’s flexible and we can change the amount depending on the day that we’re using DipJar.
— Lorraine Levine


When using DipJar, we recommend using it as much as possible. Whether it means partnering with a restaurant, gathering some available volunteers, or throwing an entire event, once you have a DipJar, it's best to keep collecting as often as possible. It's as easy as leaving it at your facility with some signage. The more you use it, the more you raise for your cause. 




If you have more questions about nonprofit strategy you can always reach out to the DipJar fundraising experts for help. It's what we love to do!